PROVISION 2, BASE YEAR 2003-2004, 2007-2008 extension

LNSD Food Service Department mails the meal applications and the State prototype household letters to the (K-8) current student/household addresses on file. A letter written in English and Spanish, is attached to the meal application. The letter provides the scheduled date and time to process the meal applications at the school sites. Trained cafeteria staff, fluent in English and Spanish, review, check and process the meal applications. Cafeteria Staff determine the household eligibility by computing the household's total income and household size and compare the information to the State Income Eligibility Guidelines. All meal applications are signed and approved by the Director of Food Services. Using the State prototype notification forms, households are notified of their eligibility status. If possible, parent notification papers are given on the day the applications are approved or notification letters are mailed to the household current addresses. NSLP meal applications are available in the school cafeterias and school offices. Late meal applications are submitted to the office or given to the cafeteria managers for processing. Parents/households are encouraged to apply for the benefits.

Before the new state ruling, districts or LEAs were allowed to carryover student/household previous base year eligibility category for the first thirty days of the school year. Management Bulletin 06-108 new regulations, states that, unless the California Department of Education grants the school district or LEA a Provision 2 extension, the district or Local Education Agency must use standard counting and claiming of reimbursable meals starting on the first operating day after the end of the final school year of the provision cycle. Since schools that use Provision 2 do not make household eligibility determinations in the last year of a provision cycle, there will be no eligibility data to carryover into the first thirty days of the following school year. In such circumstances, districts or LEA’s must make eligibility determinations based on new applications, direct certification and information from migrant/homeless/runaway coordinators. The district or LEA may claim meals (free/reduced/paid meals) only for those students whose eligibility it has established in the current year.