Adult meal services are provided through the district's participation in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs for children. Meals consumed by eligible children received State and Federal reimbursement. Adult meals are not reimbursed. As a service to employees of LNSD, meals for breakfast and lunch are made available. If permitted, parents and guests are welcome to eat in the cafeteria on occasion. Reservations are needed by 9:00 am. Parents and others are served from the regular serving line. Parents may get in line with their child, so that they may dine together.

The same policies for portion sizes and food consumption apply to guests as well as employees. If seconds are desired, another lunch may be purchased as a unit for the standard adult cost. The cost of an adult meal includes, but is not limited to, the cost of food and some labor. Taxes are not included on the cost of adult meals. District employees serve themselves from the food cart in the cafeteria kitchen. Serving sizes for adult meals are about double that of a child's lunch. Self-serve lunch style will be maintained as long as certain guidelines are followed: NO: 1)Doggie bags; 2)Second servings; 3)Serving in excess of allowed portion size; and 4)Consuming foods (cookies & others) without paying. The present cafeteria facilities do not lend themselves to ala carte service. For this reason ala carte services will not be attempted or provided.