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PROVISION 2, non-pricing site, alternative reimbursable meals

In the September 1999-2000 base year, the state approved LNSD Food Services Department to participate in Provision 2, a non-pricing site for the first time. Non-pricing sites are those that serve meals (breakfast & lunch) at “No Charge” to all enrolled students at the district regardless of family size or income. In the September 2003-2004 base year, the state approved LNSD Food Services Department to participate in Provision 2, as non-pricing sites for the second time. In the September 2007-2008 the State approved the Provision 2 extension for LNSD Food Services Department, as a non-pricing site.

During the BASE YEAR period students and/or household are encourage to fill out and submit a National School Lunch Program (NSLP) meal application to LNSD Food Services Department. These applications are processed, approved, filed and verified. The applications are valid for the next five years. Monthly percentages of Free Meals, Reduced Meals and Paid Meals categories are determined during the base year. Actual numbers of meals served to the students are computed to get the percentages for each category. The established monthly percentages for Free Meals, Reduced Meals, and Paid Meals are used to claim reimbursable meals for the duration of the provision 2 schedule.

In the subsequent years, the total monthly meal counts are converted by category to monthly percentages and submitted to the State for reimbursement. Federal and State regulations mandate use of these procedures to determine funding for the cafeteria, as a non-pricing site.

Documentation collected during the base year such as meal applications, attendance records, daily reports, production worksheets, verifications and other important documentation are needed to support a Provision 2 State audit.

LNSD Food Services Department is self-supporting. Food, labor, benefits, equipment replacement, indirect costs, repairs and maintenance of existing cafeteria equipment are paid through income generated by the cafeteria and by Federal and State funding. The Food Service Department operates site kitchens at all school locations. Healthier foods cost more and food costs have risen 25% over the last four years. State and Federal funding increased about 13%. The difference seems to grow wider year after year. The dedication and creativity of LNSD cafeteria staff help to maintain the quality of services provided to the community as well as district employees, keep financial stability in the food services, and support good will to all.